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car insurance Teenage Plus has teamed up with Car Insurance companies to help get young drivers, new drivers and young women special deals and extra discounts for their car insurance. + As well as insurance for young drivers, Teenage Plus can help find you discounts and special deals for travel and home insurance. TeenagePlus - finding car insurance for young drivers, teenagers and young women, an alternative place to organise cheaper insurance online. +
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Young drivers car insurance can be very expensive, the reason you are here is to find a cheaper alternative or learn about ways to save 40% on car insurance for teenagers and new drivers.

There are things that can be done to reduce your premium and TeenagePlus+ can show you!

Changing some driving habits, taking a pass plus course, and not driving during the 'Red hours' of 11pm and 5am could save you up to 40% on your car insurance premium. Bringing you massive savings.

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Call: 0844 346 0257
Monday to Friday 9am/7pm. Saturday 9am/2pm or CLICK HERE for more details of i-Kube car insurance.

You will get fully comprehensive insurance - at typically a cheaper price than most insurers could offer third party fire and theft.

You can start earning your own No Claim Bonus / No Claim Discount - which in turn will continue to save you more money year on year (assuming you are not involved in a fault accident).

All you are asked in return is that the insured car is not driven between the hours of 11pm and 5am.

In a hurry, Need to call later? fill out your mobile number and we'll send you our contact details via text. Call us when you're ready. (This number will not be used for anything else!)

TeenagePlus, the latest source for young drivers car insurance advice, online motor quotes and more, compare quotes and find the most competitive available motor insurance quote. From your student days right through to working your way up the career ladder you may have owned the same car, or owned a number of different cars. Our links can provide exceptional young drivers insurance for any type of car you own - or may own in the future. We can show you some of the best current car insurance deals to suit your personal needs. Give our quotes page a go and see how much you could save on your teenage car insurance.

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